The Kevin-Slayers

Decisions and Directions
6th - 9th Yondalvar

While flying over Julne with Celever, Sai asks him a few things about where he is from, and what drew him away from the area. The questions prompt Celever to tell a story about his family’s history.

A long time ago, only dragons lived in the ice mountains of the far north. But humans tried to settle in the inhospitable lands. They struggled to survive in the wilderness, losing many of their number, and so the Moonscale flight took on human forms to help them. This fostered a friendly relationship between the dragons and the humans, spurring them to reveal their true forms and cast a protective veil over the mountains. By combining their magical power, the Moonscales shielded the humans that they favored from the bitterest colds.

The civilization flourished at first, but as history wore on, it began to fade, and then rot. Powers outside of human ken began to worm their way in. The humans began to worship one of these Old Ones, and they built a temple in the face of the tallest mountain dedicated to one named the Ever-Burning Vengeance. A vestige of the Old One was almost brought into the Material Plane, and the dragons had to combine their power to seal it away at the cost of the civilization that summoned it.

The Moonscales, then, must guard the temple and keep the fragment sealed away. Through the ages, the Old One will gather enough power to threaten the safety of the plane, and one of the dragons will give their life in the fight to seal it back away. Thus, Celever only has a sister remaining, named Argenta. Their older brother, Curufin, sacrificed himself in the event that called Celever back to his home, where a group had broken into the temple and accessed the rift to the Far Realms within.

Towards the end of Celever’s story, the two notice a caravan of people under attack by a strange creature and a mage setting fire to the wagons. Sai drops down on the chimera from above. While Celever flies away and comes back to fight in human form, Sai fights the mage and the creature, taking several hits in the process. The chimera sets the caravan on fire, prompting Sai to hold the mage and demand he call off his creature, threatening him with poison if he does not comply. He teleports away, but after the chimera is vanquished, Sai pins the wizard down and pours the poison into his mouth. The wizard dies swiftly soon after.

Meanwhile, Quarion lead Sirya, Ulfric, and Malcer to the purified spring in the Golden Wood. There, they discovered the dead body of Sariel, the druid who mentored Quarion who was in charge of purifying the spring against the swamp. Surrounding her body were multiple red-capped, small fey, who the party quickly defeated.

Once the battle concludes, Quarion casts an involved spell for some time, bringing Sariel back in a new body. She returns and confers with Quarion about the happenings surrounding her death and the encroachment of the Siren’s Bog into the forest. She was killed by a group led by a changeling, who seems to be an agent of the Lord Under the Bog. They decide they need to track down this agent before continuing further.

Using the spring to scry him, they discover that the changeling and his crew are disguised as emissaries from the Silf River in the court of the Lady of the Wood. The party decides that they will root out these infiltrators to prevent them from accomplishing whatever goals they may have. The next morning, they set out towards the court with Quarion.

Turn and Return
3rd - 6th Yondalvar

Saivaris continues to research with his parents. They are both catching up with what has happened with the One-Eye Cult and attempting to predict their future movements. A few days pass while he assists them, and they decide that they will venture to the original ritual site to investigate the strange barrier that Berien told them about.

However, Celever finds and approaches Sai. He asks him what his plans are moving forward, and he remembers his friends and their journey to the Feywild. Sai explains the situation to his parents and is off with Celever to the Yellow Wood in Orlands.

Meanwhile, the Feywild crew is travelling north with Quarion, towards a purified spring that may offer shelter from the encroaching Siren’s Bog. The first day passes uneventfully, but the second brings two large, fey hounds with a group of three humanoid creatures that bring with them the corruption of the swamp.

The party fights the creatures, the humanoids exploding into light when killed and the dogs rebuffing mundane weapon attacks. They are able to effectively dispatch the enemies, and they continue travelling until they reach another camp made by the druids.

Towards the end of their rest, Sirya notices a large creature approaching the camp from a distance. She alerts the rest of the party, and they all move to attack the frog creature once it gets within range. Ulfric charges it, prompting Sirya and Nox to strike from range.

They take down the large frog creature and the three darklings that clung to it, successfully capturing one of them. They question one who quickly explains that he and his clan of darklings (along with other fell creatures they brought with them) were sent by the Lord under the Bog to attack the protectors of the Golden Wood. After questioning him, Ulfric dispatches the small fey.

They continue, with Quarion picking up the pace significantly. Towards the end of the day, the group reaches the spring.

The spring is a serene, expansive pool with clear and seemingly bottomless waters. Dainty flowers bloom on its surface, but in front of them is a jarring scene. A female elf’s corpse, horribly mangled, bleeds into the waters while red-capped fey sling their stained sickles around.

Something Rotten
1st - 3rd Yondalvar

The crew in the FeywildMalcer, Sirya,Ulfric, and Nox—leave the party in the Ludic Clearing after Ulfric grabs a barrel of the refreshments. They travel north for a while until, seemingly out of nowhere, a bipedal tiger tackles Malcer to the ground.

The tiger-person demands an explanation of the party. He seems to have sensed the Phoenix Pen on Malcer, and doesn’t take too kindly to Ulfric either. Ulfric at least convinces him that he needs to keep his armor on. Malcer hands the Phoenix Pen to his bat familiar and instructs it to fly off.

The tiger-person introduces himself as Quarion, a protector of the Golden Wood. There are two others like him, but for now, he’s the one in charge. The Lady of the Golden Wood rules over the place, but the three druids are responsible for caring for it.

And then, a fell wind begins to blow. It brings with it a stench like brine and damp. A large creature covered in mud, as well as several balefully glowing lights, reveal themselves around the party. A spell unleashes freezing cold upon the party, and Ulfric’s dire wolf goes down.

Meanwhile,Sai,his parents, and Celever Moonscale arrive in Desmir. Celever goes off to attend to his own business. Sai and Carric and Anna go to the Towershields Guild. Sai elects to hide behind his father for the majority of this scene. The two older elves reunite withRose, Benevolence, and Berien, convening in Rose’s office near the top of the tower.

They go over the events over the past several years and discuss their future movements.
When the five adventurers initially dealt with the One-Eye Cult, they cornered the organization effectively. The cult felt pressured to perform the resurrection ceremony, and the adventurers made their attack during the ritual. Though Rose was able to slay their leader, Berien, Carric, and Anna went down. The two monks were dragged into the ritual, but without warning, Berien’s patron intervened and whisked the three elves away.

Rose and Benevolence tracked down a way to get into the Far Realms to retrieve their friends. They traveled north, to a place west of Orlands, where a temple housed something like a rift into the realm of the Great Old Ones. The two broke into the temple, much to the chagrin of its guardians, and made their way through. They managed to burst into the Far Realms and save the three others.

Berien broke his pact with his patron. Anna and Carric were unconscious. Years had passed during their time in the Far Realms. The party took the two monks to the hospital in Bryling, where Sai had found them. Rose founded the Towershields Guild in Desmir while trying to track the movements of the cult. However, they evaded notice until the attack on Desmir some weeks back, where our protagonists saved the city. Now, the cult’s movements remain inscrutable. Rose has sent out agents to let them know if they notice the cult’s resurgence.

Anna mentions that the ritual space they used would be a key area to search. Berien explains to them that after they returned to the Material Plane, they investigated that area. A barrier had formed around it, made of some unknown force. The five decide that while Rose monitors any possible movements, that Carric and Anna will continue their research to determine other places where the ritual might be held. The meeting and reunion ends as everyone goes to pursue their lines of work. Sai and his parents head to the library.

In the Feywild, the globes of light and the swamp monster set upon the party and Quarion. It’s a difficult battle, with Sirya and Nox being down for most of the fight. Ulfric’s dire wolf, Sierra, is brought back just in time for Ulfric to defeat the monster. One by one, the party takes down the light creatures.

After the fight is over, Quarion explains the source of the creatures. The Sirens’ Bog, a place of fell magic, is spreading over other areas of the Feywild. With its infection come monsters such as those, as well as a literal swamp taking over. The two other members of his group are away on missions to mitigate this effect.

Quarion also reveals his nature as a weretiger. This lycanthropy can be transferred via a bite, and being in the Feywild, the druid suffers none of the negative effects caused by a full moon. His family members, too, are lycanthropes of that nature.

Ulfric suggests a deal with him. The party will help beat back the Sirens’ Bog, in exchange for safe lodging. Quarion will take them three days north to a spring that is being purified and will, hopefully, be safe from the encroaching evil. Sirya has reservations, but ultimately the deal is struck. Quarion heals Nox, and they are off to the spring.

Taking Steps Forward
28th - 30th Lundel

Sai and Celever enter Bryling, and they get directions from the guards to the Confederate Hospital of Julne. They walk past the city’s temple to the patron goddess Solamel and enter the hospital next to it.

Sai finds his parents, Carric and Anna, under the care of Rosader Fallanmir, the Head Cleric of the hospital. He gently explains the situation to Sai, that the encounter with the Far Realms has put them in some sort of stasis.

Sai climbs up on the roof of the building and attempts to commune with the Path of Light, which brings to mind both memories of his childhood teaching of the basics of chi and the memories of his fellow party members. He returns to find Celever and his parents still in the room, but the Head Cleric had stepped out to attend to other business.

Taking his parents’ hands in his, Sai reaches out to them with his own chi to discover that their energy has stopped flowing. By expending much of his power, he is successfully able to restart their chi flow. They both awake to see their son for the first time in fifty years. It’s a very nice reunion.

As well, Sai has completed his first century as of the day before. They hold the coming of age ceremony, and Sai chooses the new name, Saivaris.

The reunited family exchange many stories of their own adventures. In the middle of this, Rosader Fallanmir reenters and is surprised and thrilled to see that the two elves have woken up. He arranges for their departure and offers them a place to stay. However, they elect to fly via Celever to Desmir to figure out their plans from there.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party is staying with the sprites and the faerie dragon in the Yellow Wood south of Pearlis. There is no small amount of dissension among Sirya, Malcer, and Ulfric on whether they will go through with the plan to enter the Feywild portal. As well, Ulfric receives a message from Thalia through the sending stone, and they send one back in an attempt to throw their pursuers off their trail.

A few days pass, and everyone consents to pass through the portal. Ulfric leaves behind two of his retainers (with a message for Sai) but retains his squire. The faerie dragon instructs them to keep their wits about them, and to introduce themselves as affiliated with him, as that will at least ensure their survival in the land of the Lady of the Golden Wood. He also, somewhat offhandedly, mentions to Ulfric that if he isn’t fey related, that his memories of what happens in the Feywild may be fuzzier than the elven members of the party’s.

The Fey crossing in the Yellow Wood is a small island with a mushroom circle in the middle of the river cutting through the forest. As the full moon rises in the sky, the beams of light fill the island and creates a door of light, through which the other plane can be accessed. Everyone walks through.

They are greeted with the sight of the setting sun and a forest of golden leaves. The atmosphere is pleasantly warm, and they hear the sound of music. Following the sound, they happen upon a clearing of revelry and dance. Satyrs and other fey invite them into the party that seems to go on endlessly.

Hypothetically Speaking,
26-28th Lundel/20th-28th Lundel

While on the way to Bryling, Sai Sainnodel and Celever Moonscale roleplay out what will happen when Celever meets Malcer, his son. Sai does his best to determine what Malcer would realistically say. It’s a good roadtrip montage.

Meanwhile, Sirya, Malcer, and Ulfric interrogate Tobias Hamet in the stables of the May estate. They don’t find out much, other than the hair color (dark brown) and gender (female) of the leader of the vampires, and that there are a large amount of vampires in the court. He also gives the initials of the leader “TC,” though that information is dodgy at best. While that happens, Nox Diarmid suffers from coughing fits. Ulfric kills Tobias after the interrogation.

Then, Nox coughs up spiders. Sirya understandably freaks out. Malcer and Ulfric decide to keep Nox away from Sirya for the time being. As the dawn breaks, everyone goes to bed.

On the 22nd, Malcer and a dachshund Ulfric went to the secret Library Thalia Crane invited Malcer to. Sirya sneaks down with them. They go down a long sequence of corridors, deep staircases, a puzzle, etc. to go down to the room. Thalia is waiting, and she asks Malcer to sit.

The two discuss magic at length, and at the end of the conversation Thalia begins discussing the vampire conspiracy at the court of Pearlis. She behaves as if she is unaware of the true nature of the conspiracy, like an outside investigator. She proves that she and Malcer aren’t vampires by splashing holy water on each of them. This conversation goes on for a bit until she blasts Malcer out of nowhere and summons three hags.

Ulfric and Sirya jump into the action, as Thalia heals and dimension doors all over the place. They defeat the hags and wound Thalia before she disappears. The party makes their way back up through the corridors and up through out to the court— where Kayneth Everbright, Thalia, and guards are there to arrest them for assaulting the court bard and being suspects of a plot against the crown. Malcer and Ulfric try to convince Kayneth otherwise, to unfortunate little effect.

So the party runs, using all their powers to make it back to the May estate. They grab Nox and Ulfric’s retainers, as well as Sierra. They flee into the woods, they evade the guards’ notice, and they return to the Yellow Wood. They spend the next several days with the pixies and the fairy dragon.

Break-In After Banquet
26th Lundel/20th Lundel

Sai Sainnodel decides to leave Desmir and travel with Celever Moonscale to Bryling, where his two parents are currently.

Meanwhile in Orlands, Ulfric Grayfist gives the three vampire spawn to be his wolf’s chew toys… essentially. He, Sirya, and Malcer discuss their plan for that night, when Malcer will attend a party he had been invited to by Lady Megara Hyacinth. The party will go together so that they can begin to unravel the mystery surrounding Pearlis.

That night, they all attend the function (leaving Nox with Sierra). Malcer polymorphs Sirya into a black cat, and Ulfric comes with Malcer as his acquaintance. They draw no small amount of attention, due to Ulfric’s full plate armor and helmet combination. The only other person in such garb is a woman clad in ornamental armor. The first person they speak to is Lady Megara, who thanks them for attending and charms Ulfric with some sort of ability.

The main event of the party features one bard named Thalia Crane, who delivers the story of “the first Knight of the Revolution,” Kayneth Everbright.

After the story, she steps off the stage. Her voice boomed out in perfect clarity. Malcer and Ulfric both talk to Kayneth Everbright and Thalia Crane. Thalia expressed interest in Malcer’s research, asking him to meet her at a secret, hidden library in the court building in two days (the 22nd).

Meanwhile, Ulfric and Sirya go to work in discovering possible vampires at the party. Ulfric makes use of the wine and his own blood to discover three: Claire Redfield, Lily Connor, and Theodora Moonflower. He finishes his conversations with them, and cat Sirya follows each potential vampire as they pass along a message along a long chain of people, eventually reaching Lady Megara, who asks them to pass it along to Thalia. The list is as follows, all told fifteen attendants of the party:

Kristine Clifford
Cali Thorpe
Lucan Thorpe
Justine Thorpe
Madelynn Wheatleigh
Tirel Luxford
Wakefield Livingston
Tobias Hamet
Cade Hallewell
Jayson Townend
Markus Spalding
Hal Bolingbroke

And so, as the party wears on, a few people begin to leave. Kayneth Everbright disappears, as well as Jayson Townend, Markus Spalding, and Hal Bolingbroke. Ulfric and Malcer continue to socialize, with Malcer emphasizing his persona as an outsider to the court, unfamiliar with the manner expected.

Later, Sirya, Malcer, and Ulfric reconvene and agree to follow one of the possible members of the potential conspiracy back to his house, but not before picking up Nox. Sirya’s buddy breaks into Tobias Hamet’s estate and lets the rest of the party in. They sneak in successfully, bursting into his private chambers and successfully incapacitating him.

Silver, Red, and Black
24th-26th/19th-20th Lundel

While traveling, Robin Swordbearer approaches Sai Sainnodel and asks him about his dragonskin cloak. Sai proceeds to tell the man about many of the party’s adventures, from their first quest in the Lightleaf Forest to their current missions regarding Sirya Aseaquen’s family and the Cult of One-Eye. Throughout, Sai mentions Malcer Galanodel’s name several times. The man starts to pry into what Sai knows about his sorcerer friend. Sai becomes a little suspicious of him, questioning why he is so interested in Malcer. The man’s response is that he believes he knows a family member of Malcer’s. However, Sai quickly discerns that the man’s connection to Malcer may be more than what he let on, and Robin Swordbearer reveals his secret. He is actually a silver dragon by the name of Celever Moonscale.

Celever explains that several years ago, he was travelling and met Andraste Galanodel, whom he fell deeply in love with. He stayed with her in Lakeland for a few years until he had to go because of “family matters.” He lost track of time. Celever never realized he had a son.

Sai is deeply unimpressed with Celever’s character. Nonetheless, he urges the dragon to meet with his son and speak with him as soon as possible. To expedite their travels, Celever returns to his draconic form and flies Sai and the owlbear to Desmir.

They land in the Lightleaf Forest near the city and agree to meet back up once each other’s business is finished. Once Sai and Valbryn enter the city, a courier delivers a message to the paladin. She must return to her father’s estate, as he has fallen ill. She promises to return.

Sai visits the apothecary, trading a few bottles of the wine he found in Orlands for training in advanced healing potions. He stops by the guild and speaks with the Guildmaster andBerien as well. Berien is able to give Sai a pair of spectacles that will alleviate Sirya’s sunlight sensitivity. Sai also obtains titanium splint armor and the mystic staff of focus, both items the party had commissioned the blacksmith to create. The guild has not noticed any orc activity thus far.

After that, Sai goes by the Sweetroll Bakery to speak with the oracle Ezekiel. He is being tutored by the bard Quetzal. Ezekiel informs Sai that his parents are safe, that the orcs are consulting “what they think their god is,” and that the rest of the party is in “a city of darkness.” He tells him, “you have made a powerful ally,” and “the ones connected to the one running from the dark have seen her.” As well, he says that, in regards to Pearlis, “the one sitting in a high place has seen them.” “One is material force, the other is a piercing light, and the third is all-consuming darkness.”

Meanwhile in Orlands, Malcer and Ulfric return to the May manor with Nox. One of Lady May’s staff gives Malcer a message, informing him that he will be meeting with one of the Ladies Hyacinth early next morning. They meet back up with the impatient Sirya.

Sirya is at first hesitant to join the two in their idea to kill the vampire(s) plaguing the city, but she eventually assents. Ulfric comes up with a plan to lure it out. They stake out the ruined portion of the city, and they drench Nox in pig blood. He pretends to be injured and lures a vampiric creature— a vampire spawn that immediately attacks him.

The party enters combat, with Ulfric charging the vampire spawn and the rest firing from a distance. Two more vampire spawn attack as well. The party effectively takes them down. The spawn are wearing tattered peasant clothes and are obviously underfed.

Everyone heads back to the manor and rests. Malcer wakes up early to attend his meeting.

He meets Lady Megara Hyacinth, and they have a pleasant conversation. She alludes briefly to the attacks going on outside the inner walls, and she invites him to an evening function. As well, she gives him two names of people who study magic: Thalia Crane and Hal Bolingbrook. All in all, she seems like a perfectly nice person with absolutely no ulterior motives at all.

Divergence and Emergence
18th-24th/18th-19th Lundel

Sai Sainnodel and Valbryn Rumspring continue south towards Desmir. A few days pass, and they come across the small farming settlement of Almander. They stay the night there. Sai speaks with some of the townspeople and gathers some herbs. Along the way, he is warned that the south road cuts through an area where troll attacks are common.

Three days later, Sai and Valbryn spot a troll attacking a caravan of merchants. They rush to aid them, swiftly vanquishing the monster with assistance from a man wielding a greatsword. He introduces himself as Robin Swordbearer, a traveler heading back towards the Desmir area.

Meanwhile, Malcer Galanodel researches the Feywild, politics, and magic in Lady Belladonna May’s library. He finds a decent amount about the Feywild, a lot about courtly manner, and not much more about magic. A great deal of the books within the library are fake. While Malcer does that, Sirya Aseaquen sulks.

After dinner, everyone retires to their rooms. The silent night is interrupted by a sudden intrusion into Sirya’s room— a cloaked figure. She throws a dagger at him, and he whirls around, revealing himself to be Nox Diarmid. Nox had known Sirya before she escaped the Underdark, having escaped himself a few years before her. The two arguing causes a bit of a ruckus, summoning Malcer and Ulfric Grayfist to the scene.

Sirya harbors a bit of a grudge against Nox. They talk amongst themselves and to him. The key issues are the trustworthiness of Nox, the motivations behind his attempted thievery on the May estate, and his overall liability. He’s easily intimidated by Ulfric’s strength and Malcer’s magical ability. Their decision is to keep Nox at the estate along with Sirya for the two weeks they will be staying.

His only objection is that the people at the Thieves’ Guild would notice his absence, since he is supposed to report back after his hit on the May estate. After getting some information from Nox, Malcer formulates a plan to avoid that discrepancy.

The next day, Lady May informs Malcer that tomorrow she will be introducing him formally to the court, namely to Lady Megara Hyacinth, one of the three women ruling the country. Malcer also learns that her brother, Hawthorne May, disappeared several weeks ago. After that, the party enacts their plan. They make their way over to the Thieves’ Guild and duck into an alleyway. Malcer casts a Polymorph spell on Ulfric, changing him temporarily into a small owl. Owl-fric hides in Nox’s clothes while the Drow walks into the Thieves’ Guild and delivers his report.

As they walk out (and the spell ends), Ulfric and Malcer discuss the strange things happening in Pearlis. The mist around the court, the numerous disappearances at night, and the prodigious population of bats and the like… the party concludes a vampire must be the cause of these things, and they plan to put an end to it.

Two Different Directions
17th Lundel / 17th-18th Lundel

Team Faerie Fire reaches the city of Pearlis, with guards meeting them with concern. Because of their mode of entry, the party never went through customs, and thus they have neither papers of travel nor papers with permissions to carry weapons. Fortunately, Malcer and Ulfric manage to talk their way out of the situation, and they enter the capital.

The outer city is run-down and derelict, while the city within the inner walls is decadent and glimmering. Most of the inhabitants are bedecked in clothes of utmost fashion and finery. Malcer, Sirya, and Ulfric make their first stop at the Celestial Boudoir, a clothing store, where Ulfric assists Malcer in selecting a nice set of clothes. Sirya abstains and leaves the store shortly after a series of unsubtle flirtations by the man running the store by the name of Nathaniel Pond.

After that, the three venture towards the Court. The garden is, well, not actually a garden: it is instead a collection of stone sculptures depicting various things. Some of them were destroyed, others not. Surrounding the Court, too, is a thin, creeping fog, despite the time of day.

Either way, the party enters the court and are greeted with the sight of a lovely, large room filled with conversation. Malcer finds his acquaintance, Lady Belladonna May, while she is speaking to three other nobles: Lord November Pond, Lady Juniper Radcliffe, and Lord Aldous Sagetree. There is a brief and startling moment when Lord Pond attempts a flirtation with Sirya, and Malcer’s on-the-spot thinking convinces their new acquaintances that Sirya is mute.

After a lengthy conversation, Lady May’s companions leave her and the party to speak to each other. She and Malcer arrange for the party to stay at her estate for the couple of weeks before they will leave for the Feywild. Malcer recommends that Sirya stay out of sight for the time being. Ulfric and Malcer go out, in order for Ulfric to receive a part of his payment. This payment takes its form in the remaining chunk of Mystical Ore— Ulfric wants it smithed into a wolfish helmet.

Sirya and Kreimhilda, Ulfric’s squire, have a talk, where Sirya finds out a bit about Ulfric and Kreimhilda finds out more about Sirya’s situation.

Once Ulfric and Malcer return, Malcer and Sirya head to the estate’s library.


Team Orcbreaker returns to the town of Firim, acquiring a saddle for the owlbear. Sai asks about the whereabouts of a possible herbalist, and he learns that the former apothecary left town when the Mage College was destroyed.

He and Valbryn investigate the apothecary’s abandoned house. The door, for one, was merely a Mimic in disguise. Inside there are few remaining supplies, but Sai does get some kingswort out of it. The two also discover a cellar containing finely aged wine. Upon investigating, they discover it is the creation of the apothecary: she made it herself for special occasions. The two take some bottles of it and leave Firim.

The next day, the two come upon a guard outpost, presumably near Orlands’ border.

The Parting of Waters
16th Lundel

Over breakfast, Sai brings up a troubling topic to the rest of the party: the Orc Cult, currently active near Desmir. He and Malcer take another look at the notes left behind by Sai’s parents. They find that the goal of the Cult of One-Eye is to raise a sort of legendary Orc hero: Sheb Grimnar, who once led a powerful (but ultimately unsuccessful) raid into the Feywild. The ceremony will raise him from the dead more powerful than ever, and it requires a powerful Wood Elf Monk.

Knowing this, Sai suggests that he goes back to Desmir to consult Guildmaster Rose and Benevolence about the Cult, to pick up the equipment the group has commissioned, and to otherwise gather information. Valbryn also volunteers to accompany Sai.

Thus, the two head off, with Valbryn successfully attempting to ride the owlbear. The rest of the party continue north, coming across a rushing, clear river. The Faerie Dragon Malcer warns them that Water Weirds stationed to guard the Feywild portal may be swimming within the waters. Ulfric tests the literal waters by throwing a rock into the river.

Almost immediately, a large lizard-like being made of water rears up and whirls around. Combat ensues— Ulfric is seized when he gets within thirty feet of the river and is pulled out by his faithful dire wolf, Sierra. Staying mostly out of range, Sirya, Malcer, and Ulfric’s squire Kriemhilda fire from afar. Ulfric gets hits in with the Water Elementals swing within range. They dispatch two of the creatures and the other one swims swiftly away.

After that, both units proceed through the forest uninterrupted. When Team Faerie Fire (Ulfric, Malcer, and Sirya) reaches the end of the forest, the Faerie Dragon bids them a fond farewell and retreats into the autumnal woods.

That night, Malcer receives a Dream from the Head Mage of the Desmir Mage College, Lindal Domine. He checks that Malcer is alright, informs him of the teleportation circle situation, and ensures that Malcer and his associates are safe. After confirming Domine’s information, Malcer tells him that the Firim Mage College was destroyed. The Head Mage is understandably shocked. Post-conversation, Malcer lets him know to check back with him in two weeks’ time.


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