Anna Siannodel

Sai's mother, who left to stop the One-Eye Cult


Wood Elf, Monk of the Open Hand


Sai’s mother was present the first fifty years of Sai’s life, but she left the cloister with her husband, Carric, to stop the Cult of One-Eye from gaining power. The two met Rose Goldenharl, Benevolence, and Berien on their journeys, and they joined forces with them. The adventurers were able to stop the Orcs from raising Grimreck; however, the situation took a turn for the worse when Berien’s patron, a Great Old One, overpowered the ceremony and took the three Wood Elves to the Far Realms.

Rose and Benevolence were able to rescue the three after some time, but Carric and Anna were left in a comatose state in the city Bryling.

On the 28th of Lundel, Sai successfully woke them up.

Anna Siannodel

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