Berien the Tinkerer

The Wood Elf running the Guild Shop


Lvl. ? Wood Elf, former Warlock
Oil-stained Elven Clothes

It’s hard to tell he used to be a warlock.


Berien is the elf who runs the Guild Shop, an amalgamation of a weapon, armor, and general store that offers discounts to guildmembers. He keeps mostly to the Guild tower, always working on some mysterious project. He maintains a reasonable, cheerful demeanor, even if adventurers try to haggle with him.

He, Rose, and Benevolence adventured with Carric and Anna Siannodel in a quest to stop the One-Eye Cult. At that time, he was a Warlock with a pact to Nzech, an eldritch monstrosity. They barely stopped the Cult’s ritual, but at that point Nzech took the three Wood Elves to his home plane in the Far Realms. Berien was saved by Rose and Benevolence along with Anna and Carric, but the two monks remain comatose.

Berien the Tinkerer

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