Rose Goldenharl

The tough Guildmaster of the Towershields


Lvl. ? Human Fighter
? HP
? AC
Common Clothes


Rose is the physically imposing, middle-aged leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. Her enthusiasm can quickly turn to pushiness, but most recruits grow to regard her as an aggressive mother-like figure. She also serves on Desmir’s Council.

Several years ago, she adventured with Benevolence, Berien, and Sai’s parents in a quest to stop the Orc Cult of One-Eye. They successfully stopped the ritual, but Berien’s now former patron hijacked the ceremony and took Berien, Carric, and Anna. Rose and Benevolence then rescued them from the Far Realms. Unfortunately, Carric and Anna remain locked in a coma in the city of Bryling.

Rose Goldenharl

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