Malcer Galanodel

A sorcerer studying raw magic; current Phoenix Writer


Lvl. 7 Half-Elf Draconic (Silver) Sorcerer
58 HP
14 AC
Sorcerer Robes, Cloak of Protection, the Phoenix Pen, Whimscuttle Circlet


Hello. I am Malcer “Wyrmbane.” Nice to meet you.
-Malcer speaking to Bertie, an apprentice of Mandrake Whimscuttle

Because of a traumatic magical accident, Malcer has dedicated his life to the study of raw magic inherent in sorcerers. He will do almost anything for knowledge. Malcer came to the Adventurer’s Guild as a consultant. He uses his remarkable natural charisma in social situations— he can persuade anyone to do pretty much anything.

Malcer Galanodel

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