Sirya Aseaquen

A Drow noble running from the Underdark


Lvl. 4 Drow Rogue Assassin
25 HP
15 AC
Mocking Leather Armor


Born into the throws of high society in the Underdark, Sirya was molded from a young age to be the next high priestess. Feeling that there was more to life than worshiping a goddess that randomly killed for the heck of it, Sirya fled her life, leaving a rift in her family.
While running from the house guards, Sirya quite literally ran into Valbryn Rumspring. Wishing to keep the woman from becoming the guards next victim, Sirya joins forces with Valbryn as she begins her own quest. Sirya becomes the loyal friend to Valbryn; she is always ready to fight and destroy anyone who upsets her only friend.
Sirya, being raised in an environment that doesn’t know the meaning behind trust and acceptance, is wary to the world away from what she was accustomed to. She does find it amusing however, all the different interactions between the people who dwell in the light.

Sirya Aseaquen

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