The City of Desmir is a bustling two-walled city, known as the cultural capital of Julne. It is home to the Adventurer’s Guild and multiple colleges. This is where the adventurers start out.

The Lightleaf Forest is half a day to the northeast.
Four days to the west is the Moorhead Mine.
Five days to the northwest is the city of Bryling.

The Adventurer’s Guild

Councilmember Rose Goldenharl and a few other former adventurers founded this guild, the first of its kind, several years ago. It quickly gained a healthy membership, becoming popular in the city and its surrounding area for the many favors guildmembers perform as adventurers.
Valbryn, Sai, Sirya, and Malcer are all members of the Guild, more or less. Ulfric has been a member for a few years.

The Guild Tower is part of the inner wall, located on the west side of the city near the Open Market.

Mage College

The Mage College is currently led by Lindal Domine. It boasts a grand heritage of arcane scholarship, and it demands absolute academic achievement from both students and faculty. Many mages flock to the college in hopes of admission. The college is quite selective and is in bitter rivalry with the Mage College of Alria. There is a teleportation circle that allows for travel between other colleges.

Malcer Galanodel and Morgan Selenica are both professors at the college.

The College campus is within the inner wall on the east side of Desmir, close to the General College and the Fighter’s Academy, as well as the Bard’s College.


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