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This campaign takes place in the Chanda region, similar to Central/South America except it has four seasons. Desmir is in the Confederacy of Julne, a mostly trade-oriented alliance between several cities. Julne’s capital is Alria. The country to the east is Rilakon, whose capital is Turil. The Kingdom of Orlands lies to the north, with Pearlis as its capital.

Current pages of interest:

Orlands, the chilly and tumultuous country the party traveled to
The Story of the Revolution, that the court bard told
The Cult of One-Eye, the populous Orc organization searching for Sai with nefarious purpose

Celever Moonscale, a Silver Dragon and Malcer’s father
Thalia Crane, the court bard at Pearlis
Kayneth Everbright, the First Knight of Orlands’ Revolution

Main Page

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