The Cult of One-Eye


The Cult of One-Eye is a fast-growing Orc organization led by Brex Dracknaw that seeks to bring Sheb Grimnar, a powerful Orc leader and warrior, back and better than ever. They have discovered a ritual to bring back Grimnar and give him almost godlike power, but it must be performed in certain circumstances.

The Dwarf god Moradin has charged Valbryn with eventually vanquishing this cult.

They set up a small base of operations half a day’s journey from Desmir, which was utterly destroyed by the party.

The Ritual

The ritual requires the blood of Elves— a sacrifice of Wood Elf Monks— and a powerful Eye of Gruumsh at night during the time of the Eye Comet.

The Orcs have been searching for Sai specifically, for this ritual.

The Backstory and Rose Goldenharl’s Adventurers

Sai’s parents, Carric and Anna, left the cloister fifty years ago. They knew that the Comet could cause Orcs to try to raise Grimnar, so they set out on the adventuring road.

Eventually, they met up with a young Rose and a young Benevolence and Berien. They travel and pursue their goals for several years until the cult was pressured into performing the ritual early. They seize and nearly kill Carric, Anna, and Berien, but at that moment Berien’s patron, a Great Old One, takes Berien and the monks. Rose and Benevolence had to travel to the Demiplane of the Far Realms to take back Carric and Anna and break Berien’s pact. When they return, it’s been several years.

Carric and Anna were in a coma in the city of Bryling, before Sai visited them.

The Cult of One-Eye

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