The Towershields


The Towershields is the Adventurer’s Guild in Desmir. It aims to provide resources, information, and support to developing parties and adventurers. This guild was the starting point for the group.

The Towershields have a shield, sword, and fortress featured on their emblem. Members of the Guild wear small red cloth scarves with the emblem on it.

Leadership and Members

Guildmaster Rose Goldenharl and her Lieutenant, Benevolence, lead the Towershields, and under them are the Guild Executors, who perform administrative duties.

All members of the party are currently at Guild Apprentice rank, having recently joined the Guild. Higher ranks include Guild Sophomore and Guild Veteran, signified by colored bands added to the red scarf.

Other members include a party of three Halfling Fighters and a lone Blue Dragonborn.


On the ground floor of the Guild is a large common area, behind which is the kitchen. Dinner is served to the members most every day of the year. The ground floor is a place of socialization and where adventurers can meet with their clients.

The second floor is dedicated to the rooms of the members. There is also a smaller common area with job posting boards that are regularly updated.

The third floor holds a store that sells weapons, armor, and general adventuring gear at a discount. The shop is run by a Wood Elf named Berien, who’s always tinkering at something.

The Guild’s library is on the fourth floor. It possesses an array of books, from questing advice to divinity studies to arcane research journals. Many adventurers can get a little rowdy, but they know to be quiet in the library, lest they invoke the wrath of librarians.


“Good adventurers blaze the path to a better world.”

* Respect your authority and your clients, but most importantly, your party.
* Power provides opportunity, and wisdom chooses when to take it.
* Brave hearts protect the weak, fight the evil, and support the good.

The Towershields

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