This takes place in the Confederation of Julne, of the Chanda region. Julne is a loose alliance of cities and towns that trade with each other. The summers are hot and humid while the winters are mild.

The adventure begins in the city Desmir, a cultural capital of Julne. Artists of all kinds flock to the city to seek fame and patronage, and philosophers share their ideas by lecturing at the academies. All sorts of people live in the city, which is also famous for the Adventurer’s Guild: an emergent society seeking to nurture the heroes and explorers of this world. The Adventurer’s Guild, the Towershields, offers guidance, lodging, and job security to those who join its ranks. The citizens of Desmir and the surrounding villages know to send word to the Guild when they need adventurers’ assistance.

Leading the Towershields is the Guildmaster Rose Goldenharl, who also serves on the City Council. Other Councilmembers include the elf Andraste Holimion, the dwarf Amber Fireforge, and the Head Councilmember: the human noble Vince Silverblade, whose family has ruled the city for ages.

Monsters terrorize the areas around Desmir, more recently than ever. A prophecy of an approaching comet—a portent of doom—weaves its way through the ears of the citizens. Perhaps it is time for a new band of heroes to rise up and drive back the darkness that looms ahead.

Sirya Aseaquen, Chaotic Neutral Drow Rogue
Sai Siannodel, Lawful Neutral Wood Elf Monk
Malcer Galanodel, True Neutral Half-Elf Sorcerer
Ulfric Grayfist, Chaotic Good Half-Orc Fighter

The Kevin-Slayers

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