The Kevin-Slayers

Divergence and Emergence

18th-24th/18th-19th Lundel

Sai Sainnodel and Valbryn Rumspring continue south towards Desmir. A few days pass, and they come across the small farming settlement of Almander. They stay the night there. Sai speaks with some of the townspeople and gathers some herbs. Along the way, he is warned that the south road cuts through an area where troll attacks are common.

Three days later, Sai and Valbryn spot a troll attacking a caravan of merchants. They rush to aid them, swiftly vanquishing the monster with assistance from a man wielding a greatsword. He introduces himself as Robin Swordbearer, a traveler heading back towards the Desmir area.

Meanwhile, Malcer Galanodel researches the Feywild, politics, and magic in Lady Belladonna May’s library. He finds a decent amount about the Feywild, a lot about courtly manner, and not much more about magic. A great deal of the books within the library are fake. While Malcer does that, Sirya Aseaquen sulks.

After dinner, everyone retires to their rooms. The silent night is interrupted by a sudden intrusion into Sirya’s room— a cloaked figure. She throws a dagger at him, and he whirls around, revealing himself to be Nox Diarmid. Nox had known Sirya before she escaped the Underdark, having escaped himself a few years before her. The two arguing causes a bit of a ruckus, summoning Malcer and Ulfric Grayfist to the scene.

Sirya harbors a bit of a grudge against Nox. They talk amongst themselves and to him. The key issues are the trustworthiness of Nox, the motivations behind his attempted thievery on the May estate, and his overall liability. He’s easily intimidated by Ulfric’s strength and Malcer’s magical ability. Their decision is to keep Nox at the estate along with Sirya for the two weeks they will be staying.

His only objection is that the people at the Thieves’ Guild would notice his absence, since he is supposed to report back after his hit on the May estate. After getting some information from Nox, Malcer formulates a plan to avoid that discrepancy.

The next day, Lady May informs Malcer that tomorrow she will be introducing him formally to the court, namely to Lady Megara Hyacinth, one of the three women ruling the country. Malcer also learns that her brother, Hawthorne May, disappeared several weeks ago. After that, the party enacts their plan. They make their way over to the Thieves’ Guild and duck into an alleyway. Malcer casts a Polymorph spell on Ulfric, changing him temporarily into a small owl. Owl-fric hides in Nox’s clothes while the Drow walks into the Thieves’ Guild and delivers his report.

As they walk out (and the spell ends), Ulfric and Malcer discuss the strange things happening in Pearlis. The mist around the court, the numerous disappearances at night, and the prodigious population of bats and the like… the party concludes a vampire must be the cause of these things, and they plan to put an end to it.



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