Belladonna May

Malcer's acquaintance; a courtier in the Court of Pearlis


Human Wizard
Fine Clothes of Pearlis, Renaissance Staff

Amiable and proper, a gracious host.


Belladonna May first met Malcer Galanodel while Malcer was seeking to sell the magical items he gained from the tower of Archmage Whimscuttle. She promised him a favor in court if he happened to come into the area.

Now that the party has come into Orlands, she is now housing Ulfric, Malcer, and Sirya during their stay in Pearlis. She frequents the Court of Pearlis as a courtier and is decently knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the court.

Her brother, Hawthorne May, has been missing for the past several weeks.

Belladonna May

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