The Kevin-Slayers

Something Rotten

1st - 3rd Yondalvar

The crew in the FeywildMalcer, Sirya,Ulfric, and Nox—leave the party in the Ludic Clearing after Ulfric grabs a barrel of the refreshments. They travel north for a while until, seemingly out of nowhere, a bipedal tiger tackles Malcer to the ground.

The tiger-person demands an explanation of the party. He seems to have sensed the Phoenix Pen on Malcer, and doesn’t take too kindly to Ulfric either. Ulfric at least convinces him that he needs to keep his armor on. Malcer hands the Phoenix Pen to his bat familiar and instructs it to fly off.

The tiger-person introduces himself as Quarion, a protector of the Golden Wood. There are two others like him, but for now, he’s the one in charge. The Lady of the Golden Wood rules over the place, but the three druids are responsible for caring for it.

And then, a fell wind begins to blow. It brings with it a stench like brine and damp. A large creature covered in mud, as well as several balefully glowing lights, reveal themselves around the party. A spell unleashes freezing cold upon the party, and Ulfric’s dire wolf goes down.

Meanwhile,Sai,his parents, and Celever Moonscale arrive in Desmir. Celever goes off to attend to his own business. Sai and Carric and Anna go to the Towershields Guild. Sai elects to hide behind his father for the majority of this scene. The two older elves reunite withRose, Benevolence, and Berien, convening in Rose’s office near the top of the tower.

They go over the events over the past several years and discuss their future movements.
When the five adventurers initially dealt with the One-Eye Cult, they cornered the organization effectively. The cult felt pressured to perform the resurrection ceremony, and the adventurers made their attack during the ritual. Though Rose was able to slay their leader, Berien, Carric, and Anna went down. The two monks were dragged into the ritual, but without warning, Berien’s patron intervened and whisked the three elves away.

Rose and Benevolence tracked down a way to get into the Far Realms to retrieve their friends. They traveled north, to a place west of Orlands, where a temple housed something like a rift into the realm of the Great Old Ones. The two broke into the temple, much to the chagrin of its guardians, and made their way through. They managed to burst into the Far Realms and save the three others.

Berien broke his pact with his patron. Anna and Carric were unconscious. Years had passed during their time in the Far Realms. The party took the two monks to the hospital in Bryling, where Sai had found them. Rose founded the Towershields Guild in Desmir while trying to track the movements of the cult. However, they evaded notice until the attack on Desmir some weeks back, where our protagonists saved the city. Now, the cult’s movements remain inscrutable. Rose has sent out agents to let them know if they notice the cult’s resurgence.

Anna mentions that the ritual space they used would be a key area to search. Berien explains to them that after they returned to the Material Plane, they investigated that area. A barrier had formed around it, made of some unknown force. The five decide that while Rose monitors any possible movements, that Carric and Anna will continue their research to determine other places where the ritual might be held. The meeting and reunion ends as everyone goes to pursue their lines of work. Sai and his parents head to the library.

In the Feywild, the globes of light and the swamp monster set upon the party and Quarion. It’s a difficult battle, with Sirya and Nox being down for most of the fight. Ulfric’s dire wolf, Sierra, is brought back just in time for Ulfric to defeat the monster. One by one, the party takes down the light creatures.

After the fight is over, Quarion explains the source of the creatures. The Sirens’ Bog, a place of fell magic, is spreading over other areas of the Feywild. With its infection come monsters such as those, as well as a literal swamp taking over. The two other members of his group are away on missions to mitigate this effect.

Quarion also reveals his nature as a weretiger. This lycanthropy can be transferred via a bite, and being in the Feywild, the druid suffers none of the negative effects caused by a full moon. His family members, too, are lycanthropes of that nature.

Ulfric suggests a deal with him. The party will help beat back the Sirens’ Bog, in exchange for safe lodging. Quarion will take them three days north to a spring that is being purified and will, hopefully, be safe from the encroaching evil. Sirya has reservations, but ultimately the deal is struck. Quarion heals Nox, and they are off to the spring.



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