The Kevin-Slayers

Turn and Return

3rd - 6th Yondalvar

Saivaris continues to research with his parents. They are both catching up with what has happened with the One-Eye Cult and attempting to predict their future movements. A few days pass while he assists them, and they decide that they will venture to the original ritual site to investigate the strange barrier that Berien told them about.

However, Celever finds and approaches Sai. He asks him what his plans are moving forward, and he remembers his friends and their journey to the Feywild. Sai explains the situation to his parents and is off with Celever to the Yellow Wood in Orlands.

Meanwhile, the Feywild crew is travelling north with Quarion, towards a purified spring that may offer shelter from the encroaching Siren’s Bog. The first day passes uneventfully, but the second brings two large, fey hounds with a group of three humanoid creatures that bring with them the corruption of the swamp.

The party fights the creatures, the humanoids exploding into light when killed and the dogs rebuffing mundane weapon attacks. They are able to effectively dispatch the enemies, and they continue travelling until they reach another camp made by the druids.

Towards the end of their rest, Sirya notices a large creature approaching the camp from a distance. She alerts the rest of the party, and they all move to attack the frog creature once it gets within range. Ulfric charges it, prompting Sirya and Nox to strike from range.

They take down the large frog creature and the three darklings that clung to it, successfully capturing one of them. They question one who quickly explains that he and his clan of darklings (along with other fell creatures they brought with them) were sent by the Lord under the Bog to attack the protectors of the Golden Wood. After questioning him, Ulfric dispatches the small fey.

They continue, with Quarion picking up the pace significantly. Towards the end of the day, the group reaches the spring.

The spring is a serene, expansive pool with clear and seemingly bottomless waters. Dainty flowers bloom on its surface, but in front of them is a jarring scene. A female elf’s corpse, horribly mangled, bleeds into the waters while red-capped fey sling their stained sickles around.



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