The Story of Orlands' Revolution

On the 20th of Lundel, the adventurers Malcer,Sirya, and Ulfric attended an evening party at the courts of Orlands. As part of the entertainment, Thalia Crane took the stage and delivered this story.


Let me tell you the tale, one I’m sure you’ve heard before, as I’ve told it… once or twice. It is a tale of heroism! A tale of honor, a tale of oneLady Kayneth Everbright, the First Knight of the Revolution! But, when her story opens, those titles had not yet been granted. Our Lady Everbright began in simplicity, working at her mother’s farm in Dinforth. She grew up humble, she grew up strong, she grew up virtuous. But one season the crops failed— we remember those times, not so long ago— and famine set upon the lands of Dinforth. And with famine comes sickness, with sickness comes death, with death comes despair, that settled over the lands like a black moonless night… but fortunately for us, in this moonless night, Kayneth Everbright was a star.

She took up her family’s ancestral sword and began her journey north to the center of Dinforth where her rulers lived. On her journey, her light brought allies to her, you know their names: Sendon the Master of Arrows, Carter Darris the Good Wizard, and, well, I’m sure you remember the last member of their retinue.

They reached Dinforth’s center, the city of Fen, where our Ladies Hyacinth ruled then. They entreated their good rulers to send to Pearlis for aid, only to hear that aid had been sent for long ago, to no reply from the once-King Meliamne. With all that power at his disposal, Meliamne still could not bother to send a reply. With the power to help his citizens, Meliamne had turned his back on Orlands.
But Lady Kayneth Everbright refused to let the people suffer. With the help of the Ladies Hyacinth, she and her companions were magicked to the capital Pearlis, where you stand now! But Pearlis was not as it is. Overrun by corrupted Elves, bloated with greed, drunk with centuries of power. The King refused to see them. He refused to face the avatars of his long suffering people.

Righteous fury sung through the veins of Kayneth Everbright. She took her party and traveled back to Dinforth, witnessing the harm, the suffering, the struggles of the people stifled under this king’s centuries of oppression. While the poor wasted away, the rich stuffed themselves in the bubble of Pearlis.

They returned to a worse plight than they left. All fought to survive in Dinforth. Our ever-benevolent rulers, even, sacrificed to provide for as many as they could. But this had gone on for far too long. King Meliamne had ruled for centuries… and it was time. Time for change. Time to reshape Orlands to a nation that did not abandon its citizens. Kayneth Everbright, with her guidance and leadership, rallied the people of Dinforth and traveled throughout the lands. The Ladies Hyacinth and Kayneth, together, promised a bright future to a people drowning in the dark, and the people responded. You all took their hands— and Lady Megara, Lady Elise, and Lady Acantha Hyacinth mustered the troops with Lady Kayneth at the front lines. We marched through Orlands, taking the country back from this denigrating Elven rule!

Our battle was not without casualty. You all remember when Carter Darris, the Good Wizard, was felled through Elven magic, slain by the college who once stood in Firim. You all remember when Sendon the Master of Arrows sacrificed himself, putting himself in between Lady Elise and the Dark Lieutenant’s black blade, the commander of Meliamne’s forces.

But these casualties were not in vain.

We all stood witness, in the hell of war, of Kayneth Everbright charging through the elven forces. She cut through them, barreling forward, surging through the tide of battle, her blade charged with righteous power. At the peak of combat, the power ebbing from our enemies, Kayneth Everbright secured our victory, running her blade straight through the heart of darkness, ending the rule of Meliamne with one clean thrust.

And then it was over.
Our war had been won.
Meliamne’s magic fell and we overpowered his forces, though we had been outnumbered from the start, and Kayneth presented the slain body of the despot to the Ladies Hyacinth. They knighted her on the spot— and so she became Lady Everbright the First Knight.

The Story of Orlands' Revolution

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